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      Reyoung Pharma., Benefit the public

      A panoramic view

      After more than 50 years, with wisdom and hands, compose the lovely poem; "Benefit of the quartet," describe the magnificent blueprint.

      Into the ??Reyoung

      Short step, without even thousands of miles; Not small streams, beyond into jianghai. Pursuing innovation, yongjin reyoung.

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      About Us

      Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd .

       Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established in 1966, is a modern comprehensive pharmaceutical company. Reyoung is given the title of National Trustworthy Company for Contract and Credit, Grade AAA Credit Company and Credit Company of Shandong Medical Industry. In the past 50 years, Reyoung inherits the mission “Reyoung Pharma., Benefit the public”, insists the business concept “Innovation is the basis, Product quality is first”. Never stop exploration and innovation, forging ahead with determination, and realizing the sustainable healthy development.
      Now Reyoung consists of 3 factory sites (covering an area of 1 million m2), possessing more than more than 30 workshops (9 categories, and 400 strengths) focusing on developing, manufacturing and selling Powder for Injection (including Lyophilized Powder for Injection), Small Volume Injection, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tablets, Capsules, Granules, Suppository, Mixtures and APIs.
      All the workshops have been passed the cGMP. Reyoung also pass ISO system certificates. Reyoung also passed the oversea audit like PIC/S GMP.
      Reyoung focuses on the domestic and foreign market. Reyoung processes professional marketing teams, more than 160 representative offices spreading all over China. Reyoung is one of the top 50 companies of the national medical industry in recent years. The International Business Department is founded in 1997. Reyoung dedicates 23 years in exporting products to about 60 countries and NGOs covering Africa, Asia, South America, ect..

      86 533 322 3935
      [Africa], [West Asia], [Republic of Korea],[Pakistan], [Maldives], [Hong Kong]
      86 533 322 7245
      [Latin America],[CIS Countries],[Japan],Mongolia],[North Korea et]
      86 533 323 9816
      [Southeast Asia],[India, Bangladesh],[ Taiwan], [Nepal], [Bhutan], [Papua New Guinea and other countries in northern Oceania], [etc]
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